Can I Return a Motorcycle After Buying It in Boise, Idaho?

Find out if you can return your motorcycle after buying it in Boise, Idaho and learn more about Lemon Law and Buyer's Regrets Act.

Can I Return a Motorcycle After Buying It in Boise, Idaho?

Buying a motorcycle is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. If you recently purchased a motorcycle in Boise, Idaho, you may be wondering if you can return it. The answer to this question depends on who you bought it from and whether or not it falls under the “Lemon Law”. The Lemon Law is a regulated rule in most states that protects consumers from buying new vehicles that are unsafe when promised otherwise.

Generally, you must have a dealer warranty to be able to benefit from this law. If you bought the new bike with a warranty from a dealer, you may be able to return it under the “lemon law”, proving that it is clearly defective. In general, you can't return a motorcycle to a private seller after paying them and signing a bill of sale. When you buy a motorcycle privately, you agree to buy it “as is” and the seller is under no obligation to return it and give you your money back. You made the decision to buy it, so now you are responsible for it. You may have heard of the “Buyer's Regrets Act” or “Rule of Reflection”.

This is an existing law that applies in most U. S. states. The cooling rule means that a consumer has three days to change their mind after a purchase because they regret it.

Unfortunately, this doesn't apply to the purchase of motorcycles (or to the purchase of any vehicle in general).In order to benefit from the Lemon Law in Idaho, dealers must purchase the motor vehicle dealer bond as part of the motor vehicle dealer license application process. The Idaho Lemon Law states that defects must be repaired by the dealer or manufacturer within a specified time. General guidelines are presented below, but dealers should refer to the Idaho Dealer Handbook for details on the process. Once the dealer has submitted your application and paid all the required fees, a motor vehicle investigator will contact the dealer to schedule an inspection of the dealer's business location. Idaho requires motor vehicle dealers to obtain comprehensive liability insurance for vehicles with dealer license plates.

Idaho requires that dealers obtain specific licenses that correspond to the nature in which the dealer's business operates. The Idaho vehicle or boat dealer bond can cost between 0.5% and 6% of the bond amount for a period of 1 year. License period: The Idaho dealer license expires one year after the date of issue and must be renewed before the expiration date. If you somehow received documentation from the seller confirming certain characteristics of the motorcycle and the motorcycle did not meet those requirements, you may need to file a lawsuit against the seller. In short, bail is a type of insurance that protects the public if the dealer violates licensing laws. In conclusion, if you bought your motorcycle from a dealer with a warranty, then you may be able to return it under Idaho's Lemon Law if it is clearly defective. However, if you bought your motorcycle from a private seller without any warranty or documentation, then unfortunately there is no way for you to return it.

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